Nail Shape

Explore the foundation of your nail art
Almond Nails

A modern classic. Fun and sexy but classy enough to wear to the office.

Slim Square Nails

A design which is as refined as you. Pair with a dark coating, a french-tip, or a glass of red wine to prepare for your evening gala. 

Stiletto Nails

An expressive nail style that makes a statement to the world. A long nail with a pointy tip that our artists can have fun with.

Ballerina / Coffin Nails

Want a pointed end, but don’t want toto scare your husband? Try a coffin design. Our lovely model here also added a faded French design.

Squoval Nails

A mix between square and oval the “squoval” gives you that classy look with rounded edges.

Round Nails

Who says you need to make sacrifices for your nails? With round nails you can get creative with your designs, but still type on your laptop and wash the dishes.


Use a theme to inspire the artwork on your nails
Floral Design

By far the design of choice, and for good reason. The colour palette that nature has provided us compliments the beauty and simplicity of floral designs.

Nature Design

There is more beauty in nature than simply floral designs. Be inspired by the world around you. Draw on the seasons to incorporate relevant artwork.

eZy Watermark_17-11-2019_08-10-03PM
Seasonal Artwork

Christmas? New Years? Valentine’s? St Patrick’s Day? Festive seasonal artwork will always be a conversation starter. Get in the holiday spirit with some timely designs.

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are trending on all social media. This innovation allows the image to shift as you turn your hand. We got creative and incorporated this technique into a galaxy theme.

Custom Tips

Don’t let nature dictate the colour of your tips. Get creative. This design also features bold lines which are sure to draw attention.

eZy Watermark_02-09-2019_10-15-57PM
Marble Design

Since the time of the Ancient Greek’s, we’ve associated marble with wealth and class. Go with a classic black and white or bring add some colour for an artistic look.

Add Ons

Expand your horizons with these unique additions
French Tip

Nothing Beats Nature. Build on your natural beauty by enhancing the tips of your nails with bold white. Change up the status quo with a Faded French if you’re feeling modern.

Gold Flecks

One of the most luxurious additions. Our nail salon is one of the few in the city that can incorporate nail flecks into your artificial nails.

Sea Shells

Let your nails shine with the addition of sea shells. Our artists know how to build nails around the sea shells to create a smooth polished looks that will certainly grab attention.

3D Design

Want to make your nails stand-out, literally? With a 3D design, you can add volume to your nail art.


Make your nails shine! Add a few rhinestones for some flair. At our nail place, we know how to incorporate rhinestones into your artwork.

Custom Design

Don’t see what you’re looking for on this page? Ask our technicians to help you build your own design. The possibilities are endless.