Everything You Need to Know about Dip Powder

One of the Newest Nail Trends

When I was growing up, the only nail polish I knew about was regular nail polish. It was ten years ago, when I first came to Canada, that I tried my first shellac manicure. It was revolutionary to me, it never chipped, despite my hardworking hands. More recently, I started hearing more and more about Dip Powder Nails. It’s a service we now offer at our salon, so I want to let everyone know what I see as the benefits of this new product!

What are Dip Powder Nails?
The name really says it all. A dip powder manicure is quite literally a manicure where your nails are dipped into a coloured hardening powder. The powder will activate and harden on your nails forming a durable coloured surface. There are several brands which offer dip powder products, I’m personally a fan of Chisel dip powder.

What’s the Process Like?
If you’ve ever had your nails professionally done, the process of dip powder nails will be quite similar to what you’ve already experienced. The only key difference is that dip powder will be applied to your nails as opposed to paint. Dip powder can be applied with tips (similar to an acrylic nails) or without (similar to gel polish / shellac).

Why use Dip Powder?
When I compare shellac manicures versus dip powder manicures, I always tell my clients its about lifestyle. For many people, shellac manicures are great. They last a long time and they are thin and beautiful. Some of my clients though have nails that are prone to chipping, often because of how they work and play. For those clients, dip powder manicures are the way to go. They are a bit thicker, so they tend to hold up to wear and tear a better.

What Design Options can be Added to Dip Powder
Almost any design option that can be done with gel polish nails can be done with dip powder. Certainly, any types of painted designs, French nails, or stickers can be applied. There are also fantastic ombre options which exist which combine multiple powder colours. If you’re looking for something advanced or highly unique, talk to your nail tech and they’ll help you find the best way to build it into your nails.

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