Dr. G’s Clear Nail AntiFungal Treatment 14.7ml


Dr. G’s Clear Nail is a professional strength formula containing Tolnaftate. It kills fungus at the source of germs and backed by scientific research published in medical journals.


  • Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment kills fungus of the skin around and adjacent to nail areas using Tolnaftate 1% as the active ingredient.
  • This is a powerful, well-documented antifungal agent.
  • Selected by the FDA as an approved topical antifungal for its safety and effectiveness, Tolnaftate kills the fungi on the skin that most commonly cause fungal nail infections. Woodward Laboratories uniquely combines this antifungal killing power with their patented delivery system to promote penetration of Dr. G’s Clear Nail through the skin to the site of the infection so there is no need to remove polish or acrylics.
Step 1
Apply 2-3 drops twice daily around the entire nail, under the free edge (tip) and over the cuticle. It is not necessary to apply on the nail itself as the solution penetrates through the cuticle skin to the nail matrix.
Step 2
For infections on or between the toes allow solution to dry before continuing with the nail service, and advise clients to wait until solution is absorbed and the skin is dry before putting on socks or hosiery.
Step 3
Application to the adjacent finger or toe areas is recommended to prevent the spread of the infection.


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